The Code of brian m. carlson

Code and Stuff

I’ve written a good amount of code over the years. Not all of it is publicly available, but you can find some of it here. A good amount of it is stored in version control, so you should see the sections below for information.

I have a list of current projects available.


I keep most of my code in git. You can start in the git subdirectory. All the code in question is available in the repo subdirectory. Within that subdirectory, software is available in the format project.git.

You can also use the git:// subdirectory. The format is as above. Finally, your may also view the source through the gitweb interface.

Cryptographic Software

The following notice applies to all cryptographic code found on this server:

This site includes publicly available encryption source code which, together with object code resulting from the compiling of publicly available source code, may be exported from the United States under License Exception “TSU” pursuant to 15 C.F.R. Section 740.13(e).