Contacting Me

If you should want to contact me, you have options: phone, email, snail mail, and instant messaging. I generally prefer the phone, then either email or instant messaging, and then snail mail. Please don’t just show up at my door; always call first.

Although I generally respect people’s confidentiality and will usually ask permission before reproducing or disclosing the contents of someone’s communication, I do reserve the right to reproduce any communication someone has with me, for any reason (or none at all). If you’re uncomfortable with that, you might want to refrain from contacting me altogether.


I am generally reachable on my cell phone at most times.

Telephone (Cellular)

+1 832 623 2791


I accept email at , which is usually what you should use to contact me. Note that since I receive a particularly large volume of spam, your mail may get rejected. In that case, you should see the server-wide mail page. If you’re certain that your email is something that I want, you can send a message to postmaster at that same domain and ask to be whitelisted.

Instant Messaging

I can be reached using the nickname bk2204 on both AIM and Yahoo!. Furthermore, I can also be found over XMPP at I prefer to know someone before I talk to them over IM, but if I think you’re an interesting person, I might be convinced otherwise.

Snail Mail

Sometimes it just has to be snail mail, and for those times, you may address your questions, comments, cares, concerns, and explosives to:

brian m. carlson
3816 Audley #3110
Houston, TX 77098-2903
United States

However, please do refrain from sending legal process or process servers to that address; your process will be refused or shredded, as will your process servers.

Other Online Presences

I also have a Facebook account, but thankfully, no MySpace account. You can also find me on Twitter.