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I am pleased to announce a new community art project. The project will involve numerous people each placing a single sentence on some provided medium, most likely a chalkboard. Each sentence will be transcribed, and two poems will be created from this work: a raw work, containing each sentence in order; and an arranged work, in which I will re-order the sentences and their typography.

Anyone who likes may participate in this project. If you're a friend of mine who stops by my apartment, then please use the chalkboard. Otherwise, you may email a single sentence to . If you provide multiple sentences in the body, only the first will be used, so if you have a comment, please put it after the sentence.

The only requirement for participation in the project is that you must dedicate your sentence to the public domain; thus, it must either be your own work, or exempt from copyright for some other reason. You will be given credit for the sentence you provide, but I feel that copyright would hamper the idea of art, which is to provide a gift.

Any sentence which meets the above criterion is satisfactory, regardless of language, statement, grammar, dialect, or anything else. Do note, though, that if the sentence is not in English, Spanish, or German, it may be useful to provide an English translation for me so that I can arrange it appropriately.