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Today, in my Gay and Lesbian Literature class, we had group presentations on the books that each group chose. One group was reading Stone Butch Blues. This group gave out a handout describing many different labels and their meanings, as well as a blank name tag that you could fill out with a label or labels that fit you.

One of the most interesting labels I saw was Conservative Top, from one of my group members. I thought that was interesting because the focus of the presentation was on labels about gender and sexuality. This young man decided to go outside of the box and assert his political label as well.

Now, this person and I are acquaintances, and I happen to know that he is particularly interested in politics, so I wasn't surprised by his assertion. In fact, it seems totally consistent with what I know about him.

This got me thinking about how I would label myself. I think I'd probably go for queer, gay, and male. I specifically didn't choose any word that describes how I conform to gender sterotypes, since I don't think that gender stereotypes are particularly useful. I also didn't choose a description of my sexual preferences, since that isn't something that most people need or want to know about me (although I'm happy to answer if you ask).

I've also erased the blackboard in my apartment and put a new query on it: Describe yourself wrt [with respect to] gender and sexuality. Feel free to stop by and update it (please do call first, though).