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Ever since I found the soda machine in front of the building where I have my Creative Writing class, I’ve faced a dilemma. If I buy a soda, should I buy a Diet Coke or a Coca-Cola Zero?

Now, this seems simple, right? I should buy whichever one I prefer, whatever I want to drink. And the truth is, I prefer Diet Coke; I’ve been drinking diet sodas for quite some time, and I’ve just gotten used to Diet Coke, usually because it’s the only diet soda that most restaurants have.

Yet, I buy the Coca-Cola Zero. I am, for some reason, under the impression that if I get used to it, I’ll like it more. As far as I can remember, the Coke Zero tastes like regular Coke, and I don’t really like regular Coke either. (I do, however, like Cherry Coke Zero, and it is one of my preferred soft drinks.)

I’m not sure I really understand why I keep buying a beverage that I don’t like nearly as much over one that I like more. Maybe next week, if I buy a soda, I’ll buy the Diet Coke.