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Last week, I had two flat tires. The first was on Monday, whilst biking through the warehouse district on Cullen between Polk and Leeland. I was cruising along and heard a pop. It turns out that there was some metal shard that got caught up in my tire and popped it.

Since I knew I didn't have the materials to repair it with me, I walked home and fixed it. I never realized how far two and a half miles is to walk. So I replaced the tube, pumped it up, and went on my way.

On Friday, I went to the Houston Critical Mass Ride. As we were about to start, my tire decided to deflate; it turns out there was a small tack in it that I hadn't noticed. I had a patch kit, but didn't know how to use it, so several people helped out, including a guy named Sebastian and some other guy whose name I don't know, and my bike was working just as we were leaving.

May I take this opportunity to sit on my high horse and say how much I love being a bicyclist; with motorists, you never have this kind of camaraderie.