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Jeffry, I think a better question to ask is not whether anyone is interested in something meaningful, but whether anyone is interested in working toward something meaningful.

Relationships are hard work, and some people are not willing to put in the work that is required for a relationship to be successful. If what these people want is only to satisfy their sexual urges, why should we deny them? At least these people have the self-insight to realize that they are not ready for a relationship, or that they really do not want one.

We should discourage, not encourage, people getting into relationships if they are not ready or do not desire one. Your attitude is that relationships are the only right way; raw, unattached sex is wrong in your opinion.

I disagree. Personally, I would be unwilling to have raw, unattached sex, because it does not fit with who I am. Nevertheless, I am open to a friends-with-benefits situation, because for me, sex should imply some level of trust, although it need not imply a relationship.

Furthermore, I think that the sort of in-your-face sexuality that you decry can be either positive or negative. If cultural attitudes about sexuality encourage sexuality as a natural part of life instead of something of which to be ashamed, then these attitudes are assuredly positive. If, though, attitudes abound which harm human dignity and objectify people, then they are simply negative.

Gay culture has aspects of both attitudes, and like most things in life, is neither completely good nor completely bad. I cannot emphasize enough, however, that it is impossible to dictate one way of living, as you seem to want to do, Jeffry. By this, I mean to proclaim that only one way is right or desirable, and that others are wrong or undesirable. Or rather it is possible, but silly: nobody will listen.

Heterosexual culture has these same issues, and so does lesbian culture; the issues just manifest themselves differently. I am unapologetic about the culture that I belong to, because it is no better nor worse than any other: it just is.