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This entry is more as a reminder to myself, but go ahead and read it if you like. I do a lot of work with DocBook 5, to the extent that I use it for pretty much everything except letter writing. I have a lot of XSLT stylesheets that I use on top of the DocBook XSL-NS set to customize things. And one set of these converts it to XSL-FO, which is then converted to PDF by Apache FOP.

PDF has a set of profiles for long-term data storage and FOP has long supported PDF/A-1b. One of the requirements is that every font be embedded, even the base 14 that are required by every PDF viewer. I keep running into problems with some old FO files where FOP complains that the Times-Roman font would be required but was not embedded, even though I've specified other fonts for the document. The sneaky part is that somewhere I've missed a font-family of serif, which of course FOP turns into Times-Roman. Changing this as well prevents FOP from complaining.