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I got a call yesterday on my home phone from a woman who said that if I had a minute, she’d like to talk to me about the Lord Jesus Christ. I told her goodbye and hung up.

Although I will freely admit that in the past, I have been somewhat anti-Christian, I don’t feel that I am anymore. Mostly unsurprisingly, most of my friends are some flavor of Christian, and that’s fine with me. Due to my friend Jeffry, I have learned more about the Bible and Christian belief, and he and I discuss Christianity and how it can teach us (whether Christian or not) about living a morally good life.

So my objection to her calling was not because she was Christian, but because I feel that religion is very personal and I don’t wish for people to call me on the phone to solicit my belief. I also happen to know that most of the on-campus housing for the University of Houston uses the same exchange that I have, and so it is likely that they’re targeting all the students on campus.