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So, to recap last time, I've been trying to build my website with ant. And finally, I've gotten it to work.

I gave up on ant 1.7 and moved to ant 1.8.0rc1. The difference with the latter is that it provides a very useful element called sysproperty. This element allows you to specify a Java system property. The useful aspect of this is that Xerces can have its XInclude behavior enabled by a system property. Consequently, this avoids all the other problems I've had with XInclude. It also means that I can also avoid having to have an XSLT 2.0 processor installed.

I've still encountered a few other problems, which are probably my fault, but overall everything has gone smoothly. Now the only things to do are generalize the behavior so that it works for the server's website as well, and then perhaps for other cases. However, I'm inclined to still use Makefiles for times when I just need to build a file or two. I often build PDF versions of my poems when I'm working on revising them, but I don't need a PDF version of every poem I've ever written in that case, just one or two. Makefiles seem like they handle that case better.